Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bloggers Challenge-52 weeks of Colour-Week 3-Goldenrod

It was said this colour would be hard, and I'd have to agree. But that was partly due to me deciding to do this challenge not only with free items but also in my undies.

I actually cheated a bit, and tinted this free pair of white undies. Sue me!

Now that that is over, all the other colours will be a breeze I'm sure. Unless Luna has a suprise in store for us coming up.

Hair-Rock Candy-Free at Savoir Hair
Eyes-Adam&Eve-Free Instore Sample
Skin-Rock Candy-Free Instore Group Gift
Necklace-Sey-Free Instore Group Gift
Tattoo-Shiva-Free Instore Gift
Undies-Sartoria-Free at Mimi's Choice
Background Texture-by Dysprositos Chajit-Free on The Marketplace

Next colour? Plum

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all, be it upcoming, or already past.

I was going to title this one "Angels May Cry" but that didn't really express the happy tidings I wanted to send. The skin is awesome tho, with tears trickling down, perfect skin tone too.

And the Hair? I have to admit that it is another girl hair. This hair was a gift sent thru the Exile SoM, a special version with added halo and snowy flexi bits. It is what inspired my whole look. Go join and get it while you can.

The Wings are a part of a store run hunt going on for a limited time. The is said to be 13 different colours, I only found 11 myself, but the boxes are big(I think I just had rezzing issues). Kala Bijoux, Designer/Owner of Material Squirrel, is the wonderful person bringing you these beauties. I was amazed by the items she had on display.

Thanks to all the designers that have made this holiday something special to all of us in sl.

Hair-Exile-Free Instore SoM Group Gift
Eyes-DelMay-Free Instore
Skin-Shiva-Free Instore
Silk-Animations Rising-Free Instore(was still out at time of posting this)
Wings-Material Squirrel-Free Instore Holiday Hunt Gift

Animated fly pose is from Creative Insanity

Day 7-Look of the Day-GypsyBoi

Sort of funny how this one started. Kept hearing about the SoM gift hair from Maitreya. I ask what the fuss is all about, if it was worth my getting. Got laughed at. Decided I had to go get it, and see why every chic I met was freaking about(yet none were actually wearing it.

I go to the sim. Ask very nicely where the Subscribomatic was(wasn't really sure what the thing looked like), and then got laughed at again.

"What would you want to join for? The free shoes or the free hair?" more giggles
"Ooooo shoes?"
More giggles
"Well it's over where you landed, at the tp area"

I then click, follow instructions and get my free pumps and hair gift. Never know when a guy will need pumps. Just hope they resize.

I then unpack(on the fly, on the sim) my SUPERAWESOMETASTICALLY Rad hair and throw it on. More giggles. What? what is so wrong, it's not rezzed for me. Is this one of them random gifts designers make that are really weird. Does it have vibrators or something?

I then proceeded to get dared to blog it, since it came out in convo that I started blogging free male fashion from my very first day online.

Never dare me. I'll do it =)

The story doesn't even end there. I go make my wonderful outfit to go with this hair(which was a bit of a challenge) proceed to go out hunting, then get asked to grant someone a wish.

Here I was trying to be all gypsy, and someone thought I was a genii.

Well whatever I ended up being, I look hot, and that is what really maters, so eat that you gigglepusses.

Hair-Maitreya-Free Instore SoM Gift
Eyes-Ibanez-Soft Glow Eyes in Chione Dark-L$99(I got for Free as a Gift *Thanks*)
Makeup-Skinthesis-Free Instore
Skin-Skinthesis-Free Current Hunt Item
Necklace-ROZOREGALIA-Past Hunt Item(No longer Free)
Outfit-Discord-Free Instore Group Gift
Boots-HoC-Male Biker Boots-L$40(I got for Free as a Gift *Thanks*)

Poses used are from the [LAP] Free Male AO for avatars 30 days and under

If anyone knows of anywhere that has good free/cheep static male poses, please let me know. I'm going off gifts from friends for things I obviously can't buy, cause of the lack of lindens. I just can't keep using the same 8 poses. Just let me know in the comments.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 6-Look of the Day-Grumpy Halfelf

I figured I'd get out one holiday post at least. I turned out rather unhappy looking, so off I am to spread some not so merriness.

I love this floppy hat hair From Wasabi Pills. It was for the ZombiePopcorn hunt, so you might just have it in inventory. If you didn't do the hunt, sadly you wont be able to enjoy this hair, but I'd suggest you got to the mainstore, look around, and join the group for updates.

NOSOTR@S is doing a lil mini hunt with a few stores. Each location has 3 christmassy globes to find. NOSOTR@S is providing a complete outfit for both women and MEN. I'm wearing the jeans and tee from that. There is also boots to the set, not shown here.

The longsleeves shirt is a gift from BabyCakes, which is part of "For the love of . . . Ice Festival" hunt. I *Think* it is a chic shirt, but it wasn't overly boob shaded, so I threw it on anyways. I look like Wrapping Paper now! So go to the festival, it's worth it, each store has a free gift hidden in a snowflake, and a few have items in the lil snow hunts. Also each store has an item exclusive only to the event, for L$100. There was about half the gifts that work for men, even if not intended that way.

I kept hearing about this place called Poetic Colors for eyes. Now my Nameless Designer Friend who brought me in happens to be an Eye Whore(was that too much of a hint?), so I decided to go and see what the monthly freebie eye was. They sure do give that festive sparkle. I'm also wearing makeup from Elegant Epiffany(thanks for the lovely Xmas makeups!), and I gave a try at prim lashes that I found on The Marketplace.

Wow for being a grumpy halfelfboy I sure am chatty.

Hair-Wasabi Pills-Was Free from a past hunt, no longer up for grabs
Eyes-Poetic Color-Free Instore Gift
Lashes-Tully's-Free on The Marketplace
Makeup-Elegant Epiffany-Free Instore Gift
Skin-Imagen-Free Instore Gift for avatars 30 Days and Under
Mouth Nibbley-Fiction and Chaos-Free Instore Gift
Shirt-BabyCakes-Free at the FTLO Ice Festival Hunt
Tee&Pants-mailto:Tee&Pants-NOSOTR@S-Free Store Hunt Gift

Poses used are from the [LAP] Free Male AO for avatars 30 days and under

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Free Skin Review-JesyLilo

I joined the Menstuff group inworld and got a notecard to a place called JesyLilo, claiming to have not one but .*EIGHT* Free male skins. I thought this too good a deal, but since I basically have no skin, could not stop myself from at least taking a look.

I'm so glad I did!

This skin is my fav by far. When I put an outfit together, and it doesn't seem right, I throw on this skin, and BAM! I look awesome. Doesn't matter what it is. I was running around in a deer costume, and still felt like King Shit.

LiLO Glom, the creator of these skins, and designer of JesyLilo, has created a very nice array of facial hair for the set. Each skin also has chest hair for an added realistic feel, but it's not overdone to make you look like some big beefcake brute. She has offered one skin tone, with 8 facial hair options to choose from.

My personal fav is the first of the series, which I am wearing below. The face option go thru 1-8 below.

When you arrive at the store, you will find these skins displayed to the right one you go thru the store entrace. There are a few other festive gifts, and if you have a girlfriend or chic friends you shop with, there is a buttload of female skins on offer aswell.

Visit JesyLilo

Other Items Worn:

Hair from Anaphora
Eyes from Ibanez
Guyliner from A.S.S.
Necklace from Gabriel
Shirt from F2H
Pants from Tres Beau
Poses from [LAP]

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 5-Look of the Day-Widowmaker

There are so many random places in sl I'm finding out. Some really well done and some . . . ermmm . . . not so well done. I stumbled on a little adventure carnival spot, and found this lovely lady, she asked me to come back to her home. I followed her there and all was well.


What are you doing down there?
Why are you headed that way?


At least I looked good while strung up like a meat sack.

Hair-Kmadd-Free in the Inworld Group Notices
Eyes-Edge Grafica-Free on The Marketplace
Makeup-A.S.S.-Free Instore
Skin-Essences-Free Instore Group Gift
Necklace-Kosh-Free Instore
Shirt-Gabriel-Free Instore Group Gift
Pants-Snatch-Free Instore(they are actually girl pants)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 4-Random Giggles

What will I ever do without Durian?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bloggers Challenge-52 weeks of Colour-Week 2-Blue

I just HAD to have a blue skin. Took forever to find a free one that wasn't ass. Or I just don't know where to look yet.

I seem to have a theme forming. 52 weeks of me in my undies . . . ermmmm . . . me in colours, ya that's it!

Hair-Gritty Kitty-Free at Gnubie
Eyes-XYR-Free on The Marketplace
Ears-Skinthesis-Free Instore
Skin-Pandora Universe RP-Free Starter Box
Shape-Skinthesis-Free Instore
Makeup-Already Blogged HERE
Trunks-Shiki-Free Instore Group Gift
Background Texture-Doit Textures-Free on The Marketplace

Next colour? Goldenrod.

Day 3-Look of the Day-Fightclub

 Was having so much fun the other day on the "Make Him Over" hunt, I so forgot to post anything!

Someone didn't like that very much, and tried to pick a fight. I'm getting known already? What? Must be my love of eyemakeups, bless V2.

I love mohawks, I really can't believe you all just had bald heads before this tattoo layereing thing.

Now I just need to find me a blue skin, 52 weeks of Colour-Blue here I come!

Hair-Black Maria-Free Instore
Hairbase-Arcavim-Free at Kmadd Freebie Area
Eyes-Kmadd-Free in the Inworld Group Notice
Skin-Exile-Free in the Inworld Group Notice
Shirt-Mohna Lisa Couture-Free Instore Group Gift
Pants-Kosh-Free at Fab Free Headquarters
Shoes-Truth-Free at Gnubie Store
Location-Virtual Decay

***Added Note-Poses from Diesel Works, also at Kmadd Freebie Area***

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bloggers Challenge-52 weeks of Colour-Week 1-Grey

I really like the concept of this challenge, so tho I wasn't around when it started, I'm going back to do the ones I missed.

Care to do it yourself? go HERE to get started.

This hair started it all. It's from BeReal. Just sit down, sort some inventory for an hour and it's all yours. There is actually more then just this hair to camp for. You can camp for your own version of each of the released hairs inworld.

I really wish there was more guy skins at FRICK, but at least I got this one!

Hair-BeReal-Free when camping on the 60 Minute Instore Camp Chairs
Eyes-Skinthesis-Free Instore
Skin- {Frick} -Free Instore
Tattoo-Para Designs-Free Instore
Bangles&Cuff-Edge Grafica-Free on The Marketplace
Undies-Mr Poet-Free Instore
Background Texture-By Lovelass Lavendel-Free on The Marketplace

All Poses from Long Awkward Pose(Free Male AO Instore)

SL would not load the sim that Para Designs is on for me on the map feature, so I could not get a slurl, but you still can tp to it in search, so stop being lazy and type it out already!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 2-Look of the day-Summer in Aus

These pants just wanted some summer action, and the one place that is all hot while I have 7 feet of snow out front? The land down under!

Yes, I got shoes on this time!

Hair-Exile-Free Instore
Skin-Dead Bunny-Free Instore Group Gift
Eyes-Kmadd-Free in the Inworld Group Notices
Makeup-A.S.S.-Free Instore
Necklace-Eoland's-Free at Fab Free Headquarters
Shirt-PXL-Free at Fab Free Headquarters
Pants-7Style-Free on The Markeplace
Socks-Snatch-Free Instore
Shoes-Maschienenwerk-Free Instore
Location-Las Lagunas

TP to Fab Free does not take you right to Fab Free, you will have to walk and find the actual building, it's big and on the outside ring of shops.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogger Challenges

I've always thought these amusing when I've come across them, be it real life realted or various game related. So I've decided to do some SL ones.

Here are some of what I found that I think I'll do, even if I'm a bit late on them. To me it's about the fun of them.

Weekly Challenges

52 weeks of Colour(I might actually try to catch up and do this one weekly)
Mad Props Challenge(52 weeks, done weekly)

Various Challenges

Newbie Style Challenge
Berry's Blogger Challenge

Blogger Challenge Blogs

SL Blogger Challenge Central(wish this was current---> unhappy face)

Now I didn't really  find anything else I'd like to do that was within the last year. All that was popping up in search for me was the 52 weeks of colour.

I wish there was more of these, that were not so "do this in the next 3 days . . . OR ELSE".

Maybe once I have this sl thing more down pat I can start some.

What I'd like to see:

-An easier way to find these challenges, maybe a flickr group
-god/goddess of the week
-creature of the week
-myth of the week
-item of the week(ya I think the weekly challenges are easier, and can catch up on them easier too)
-free item of the week(only unisex so us men can play too)
-location of the week
-dress up as someone known in the sl community who has a set style
-get inspired by a fellow blogger

That was all I could think of right now.

If anyone has any other fun challenges they know of, pleasse wrtie me in comments so I can check it out =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 1-Travel-All because of a Critter

It all started with a hunt, that led me to see this lil guy below. Had to see what else this creator made. I was thrilled that the store area was so scenic, decided to take pics.

Visit Herbalys

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 1-Look of the Day-Not just another Noob

In any game, big or small, you try to learn as much as you can as fast as you can.

The reason for this?

Who really likes to be called a NOOB? Not I.

So here is Mr. VonDerFeld after about an hour of shopping for freebs.

Yes there is a reason for no shoe shots. I'm in knee deep snow. I also failed at the footwear search. The outfit just didn't fit my new watermelon chucks.

Hair-Pocket Mirrors-Make Him Over 5 Hunt Group Members Gift(Instore)
Skin-The Sea Hole-Free at Gnubie
Eyes-Luckless-Free on The Markeplace
Makeup-AKA-Free on The Markeplace
Outfit-BlakOpal Designs-Free on The Markeplace
Lights-The Plastik-Free in the Inworld Group Notices

A new world

Hi there,

Yet another world, yet another new face.

Just a lil project I'm doing. So enjoy, whoever finds me!

Now I just got to find some good shoes and skin and I think I'll manage not to feel like a total nob. No not Noob . . . NOB.