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Sunday, January 23, 2011

1000 Avatar Project

It was one of the first places I visited in sl, artwise. When it first was hosted, it was a small venue of only 50 avatar shots.

Now you go and look to the skies and see hundreds.

Find out more about the project itself here:

It's worth a peak, both inworld and out.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Too much Pizza

I've been very lucky so far in sl. For the most part people have been really helpful, and now that they know I blog, they have been sending me all over the grid, exploring, learning, and finding new things.

I found an art build done by AM Radio. It's a wheat field with a windmill, train engine, chairs, and some other random things. The artist has for sale parts of the build, and the proceeds got to charity. Check out the sign once there for more details. Also there is this nifty hud I am wearing in all the pics, that makes your photos look old.

I was fortunate enough to have Paco Pooley, Designer of 22769, send me some things to show you.

In celebration of SL having more group space for the updated viewers, 22769 has a unisex group gift in their inworld group notices.

Someone tipped me off to the Mother Goose Lucky Boards, and I won this skin. It might not be something I would wear every day, but the quality is good, and the laughs are even better. I just don't need highschool reminders.

I picked up this bracelet a while back, while doing a hunt, and knew that it would go perfect with this post. It's from Duh! Renee Harvy is very generous, and has many great item as offers in the store. It seems that for every release, she makes a special colour as a gift, lucky board, SoM group gift, or hunt gift. So at least join the SoM and keep updated.

The "What's the News" hunt is currently going on across the grid. This is the male offer for the hunt, there is a matching female gift as well. 22769 is store #1, so you can get all the info for the hunt from there. Your looking for little newspaper rolls.

The Jaunty Sale is going on right now, which is a sale just for guys. All offers are L$49, and many store participate. This is one of the outfits from 22769. The sale ends tomorrow, Jan. 22nd, so hurry and grab this deal before it goes full priced. Want the list of designers? Go to the official website HERE.

Lastly I had to throw something on my feet. These were one of my first shoe finds. I hope you enjoy them, as they work with almost anything.

Hair-Kin: Male Hair 1 (Instore Gift - L$0)
Eyes-Yuzuya: Grey Large (Instore Gift - L$0)
Skin-Mother Goose's: Jeremy Skin in Pimple (Lucky Board - L$0)
Bracelet-Duh!: Luu Leather Wrap Bracelet in Jade (Instore Gift - L$0)
All Clothing-22769: All Free except for Jaunty Sale Outfit(L$49)
Shoes-Maschienenwerk: Kicks in Black (Instore Gift - L$0)

Poses by Purple(Not Free)
Location: AM Radio's Wheat Fields

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fabulously Free in SL Posts

It has come to my attention that not everyone reads both blogs, so I'm going to start doing just a simple redirect to new posts on FabFree, when I get a post up on there.

So far I have only done 4 posts, but each is full of stuff that can work for both men and women, so please take the time to check them out!

It be Me! Stolan!


Hey Mr.DJ

The Devil has lots of numbers, Why does he need yours?

So that is what I had done over there so far, enjoy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Over a Month old!

and I missed it!

I have been gone for the past week, due to RL work. I'm back as of today, going to log in, and see what a week missed ingame is like.

I had some stuff I wanted to blog before I unexpectedly had to fly across country, so I'll have something for you sometime soon tonight!

The S Man

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Proposer Hunt 3

I was lucky enough to be heard with my plea for poses!

The Hunt takes place from January 15th to February 15th. It has some awesome sponsors, as you can see from the above poster.

The hunt works like most, it's a round robin hunt, meaning you can start anywhere and will end up where you started at the end. They do have a numbering system, but it's not necessary to start at #1.

There will be hints and more information on the hunt at the official Hunt Website here:

You can see lists of all the store participating, and maybe go visit ahead of time and see what they have to offer.

I'm lucky enough to already have 2 of the gifts to show you. The first is from one of the sponsor stores. This is the Hunt Gift from Stance. They are #6 on the hunt.

The next is from AyYaiYai, you'll catch this gift at stop #37. Both hearts were pink, but as you can see The one was not so bad for a guy.

You'll be seeing more poses popping up on here as the hunt approaches, so keep tuned in!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ego a Mile High

I was in my Menstuff group the other day, and all sorts of drama was going on. The basis of it was designer in the group sending out notices with 15 female items and 1 male item, which goes against the group rules for designers.

I really enjoyed what one Group member said in chat:

"In fact, make a Tee and send it to the creator . . . something like, "Menstuff Not Women's Fluff"
by Truth Wizardly

I now want that Tee.

After that all died down, designer Ramses Meredith of Egoisme wanted some opinions on his new skin coming out soon. He tp'd some of us to his store to take a look at the almost done model. I really enjoyed the experience. I know it takes alot to make anything in sl, but to see the progress, and learn a bit about something you are wearing, I thought it wonderful. Ramses was ever so generous, and for our time, he granted us any item in his shop for free.

I chose one of his new items, this Groove Jacket in Green. It's actually a unisex Jacket, so the ladies can wear it too. comes in 6 colours. I love how the colours pop on these. It was really hard just to choose one colour. I was also distracted by the pants, there are these crazy colour changing ones.

I had the perfect eyes to match my new jacket. These peepers are a group gift from THEORETICAL AFTERTHOUGHT. I actually stumbled upon the store thru a flickr group. I really liked the few posted by one artist, and hunted down the store. The group is a L$10 join, but that isn't bad for the amount of eyes you get, even for one month.

The hair I'm wearing is from Vignette. It's called Minx, and comes in a fucktonne of colours. All the styles in Vignette are set for free. Why? well the designer decided that after years of making things and being a part of sl, she was going to give back. I think that is a much better way of doing things, then just destroying a whole stores worth of inventory. Thanks so much for sharing your works Rachel!

I really need to find some manly eyelashes for everyday use. If anyone has any tips for free ones that wont make me look like a diva(I already have my diva lashes thankyouverymuch!), I'd really be grateful.

Now Egoisme hasn't left out those of us males hard on cash(or without any at all). There is a group gift instore. these pants you see above are a part of the gift. I have to say these pants are just crazy. They look crackled and each leg is different.

The skin is a "Under 30 days old" gift from Heaven's Gate. There are a few set like that for both males and females, so if you know any new players like me, in need, then send them over there.

The other part of the Egoisme gift is this shirt.

Wow that was sort of anticlimactic.

Hair-Vignette-Free Instore Item
Eyes-THEORETICAL AFTERTHOUGHT-Free Inworld Group Gift(L$10 Join Fee)
Skin-Heaven's Gate-Under 30 Days Avatar Gift
Shirt&Pants-Egoisme-Free Instore Group Gift

All Poses by Purple

Now a bit about the location. Missing Mile is a roleplay sim. It is well thought out, with lots of little hidey holes all over the build.

On this coming Monday Jan.10th. there is going to be a new round of roleplay started. It's going to have mutants, aliens, animals, vampires, humans and much more. One lady I bumped into is a Mutant Drugdealer. So if you've been wanting to try out some roleplaying, and wise to start fresh, now would be the best time to go on down, grab an appy and make a character.

Location: Soap(Missing Mile RP Sim)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Look of the day-Happy New Year!

It's a new year, a new day.

I'm a bit late getting to you all, but that is due to something very exciting! I applied for a position as a blogger on Fabulously Free in SL blog, and IGOTITZOMG! So you now have not one, but TWO places to stalk me at!

I stayed up the other night, took 2 hours to do a post that probly would have been 20 minutes, if not for my never using Wordpress in all my years of blogging for various games. Wordpress gave me a few hurdles to jump over, made me dance like a monkey, threw me in the sack and didn't even bother to give me morning after cigs.

So I decided to save my newyears outfit for my lovely Blogger, who never gives me trouble.

I saw these horns and was like GIMMIE *Makes grabbie hands*

I pouted at my holiday group gift from Plastik, then proceeded to steal all the girl makeup and make it work. This is one of them. The skin itself has a bit of grim on it, can't be all cleanboi, even for a suit. The Skin I previously blogged about HERE! I was a bit lazy, didn't feel like trying to find a new one to show you, sorry =)

I hadn't found a suit yet, so I hoped around, got a few, but this is by far the best for what I wanted to show.

I also am part of a flickr group dedicated to different places for great photos in sl. This sim is called Barbee. It is almost all monochromatics. There is this lovely peacock tree I want to live in near where you land upon tp.

Did  you know it is the year of the bunny? Wonder how I'll incorporate that in.

Hair-Pocket Mirrors-Free at Savoir Hair
Eyes-Umedama Holic-Free Instore Gift
Horns-Thistle-Free Instore SoM Group Gift
Skin-Exile-Previously blogged HERE!
Suit-Ydea-Free Instore Group Gift

Poses by Purple(thanks Helena!)


I decided my naming of my posts was a little silly, the whole day thing, so I'm going to change how I go about that