Friday, January 7, 2011

Ego a Mile High

I was in my Menstuff group the other day, and all sorts of drama was going on. The basis of it was designer in the group sending out notices with 15 female items and 1 male item, which goes against the group rules for designers.

I really enjoyed what one Group member said in chat:

"In fact, make a Tee and send it to the creator . . . something like, "Menstuff Not Women's Fluff"
by Truth Wizardly

I now want that Tee.

After that all died down, designer Ramses Meredith of Egoisme wanted some opinions on his new skin coming out soon. He tp'd some of us to his store to take a look at the almost done model. I really enjoyed the experience. I know it takes alot to make anything in sl, but to see the progress, and learn a bit about something you are wearing, I thought it wonderful. Ramses was ever so generous, and for our time, he granted us any item in his shop for free.

I chose one of his new items, this Groove Jacket in Green. It's actually a unisex Jacket, so the ladies can wear it too. comes in 6 colours. I love how the colours pop on these. It was really hard just to choose one colour. I was also distracted by the pants, there are these crazy colour changing ones.

I had the perfect eyes to match my new jacket. These peepers are a group gift from THEORETICAL AFTERTHOUGHT. I actually stumbled upon the store thru a flickr group. I really liked the few posted by one artist, and hunted down the store. The group is a L$10 join, but that isn't bad for the amount of eyes you get, even for one month.

The hair I'm wearing is from Vignette. It's called Minx, and comes in a fucktonne of colours. All the styles in Vignette are set for free. Why? well the designer decided that after years of making things and being a part of sl, she was going to give back. I think that is a much better way of doing things, then just destroying a whole stores worth of inventory. Thanks so much for sharing your works Rachel!

I really need to find some manly eyelashes for everyday use. If anyone has any tips for free ones that wont make me look like a diva(I already have my diva lashes thankyouverymuch!), I'd really be grateful.

Now Egoisme hasn't left out those of us males hard on cash(or without any at all). There is a group gift instore. these pants you see above are a part of the gift. I have to say these pants are just crazy. They look crackled and each leg is different.

The skin is a "Under 30 days old" gift from Heaven's Gate. There are a few set like that for both males and females, so if you know any new players like me, in need, then send them over there.

The other part of the Egoisme gift is this shirt.

Wow that was sort of anticlimactic.

Hair-Vignette-Free Instore Item
Eyes-THEORETICAL AFTERTHOUGHT-Free Inworld Group Gift(L$10 Join Fee)
Skin-Heaven's Gate-Under 30 Days Avatar Gift
Shirt&Pants-Egoisme-Free Instore Group Gift

All Poses by Purple

Now a bit about the location. Missing Mile is a roleplay sim. It is well thought out, with lots of little hidey holes all over the build.

On this coming Monday Jan.10th. there is going to be a new round of roleplay started. It's going to have mutants, aliens, animals, vampires, humans and much more. One lady I bumped into is a Mutant Drugdealer. So if you've been wanting to try out some roleplaying, and wise to start fresh, now would be the best time to go on down, grab an appy and make a character.

Location: Soap(Missing Mile RP Sim)


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