Monday, January 3, 2011

Look of the day-Happy New Year!

It's a new year, a new day.

I'm a bit late getting to you all, but that is due to something very exciting! I applied for a position as a blogger on Fabulously Free in SL blog, and IGOTITZOMG! So you now have not one, but TWO places to stalk me at!

I stayed up the other night, took 2 hours to do a post that probly would have been 20 minutes, if not for my never using Wordpress in all my years of blogging for various games. Wordpress gave me a few hurdles to jump over, made me dance like a monkey, threw me in the sack and didn't even bother to give me morning after cigs.

So I decided to save my newyears outfit for my lovely Blogger, who never gives me trouble.

I saw these horns and was like GIMMIE *Makes grabbie hands*

I pouted at my holiday group gift from Plastik, then proceeded to steal all the girl makeup and make it work. This is one of them. The skin itself has a bit of grim on it, can't be all cleanboi, even for a suit. The Skin I previously blogged about HERE! I was a bit lazy, didn't feel like trying to find a new one to show you, sorry =)

I hadn't found a suit yet, so I hoped around, got a few, but this is by far the best for what I wanted to show.

I also am part of a flickr group dedicated to different places for great photos in sl. This sim is called Barbee. It is almost all monochromatics. There is this lovely peacock tree I want to live in near where you land upon tp.

Did  you know it is the year of the bunny? Wonder how I'll incorporate that in.

Hair-Pocket Mirrors-Free at Savoir Hair
Eyes-Umedama Holic-Free Instore Gift
Horns-Thistle-Free Instore SoM Group Gift
Skin-Exile-Previously blogged HERE!
Suit-Ydea-Free Instore Group Gift

Poses by Purple(thanks Helena!)


I decided my naming of my posts was a little silly, the whole day thing, so I'm going to change how I go about that


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