Friday, January 21, 2011

Too much Pizza

I've been very lucky so far in sl. For the most part people have been really helpful, and now that they know I blog, they have been sending me all over the grid, exploring, learning, and finding new things.

I found an art build done by AM Radio. It's a wheat field with a windmill, train engine, chairs, and some other random things. The artist has for sale parts of the build, and the proceeds got to charity. Check out the sign once there for more details. Also there is this nifty hud I am wearing in all the pics, that makes your photos look old.

I was fortunate enough to have Paco Pooley, Designer of 22769, send me some things to show you.

In celebration of SL having more group space for the updated viewers, 22769 has a unisex group gift in their inworld group notices.

Someone tipped me off to the Mother Goose Lucky Boards, and I won this skin. It might not be something I would wear every day, but the quality is good, and the laughs are even better. I just don't need highschool reminders.

I picked up this bracelet a while back, while doing a hunt, and knew that it would go perfect with this post. It's from Duh! Renee Harvy is very generous, and has many great item as offers in the store. It seems that for every release, she makes a special colour as a gift, lucky board, SoM group gift, or hunt gift. So at least join the SoM and keep updated.

The "What's the News" hunt is currently going on across the grid. This is the male offer for the hunt, there is a matching female gift as well. 22769 is store #1, so you can get all the info for the hunt from there. Your looking for little newspaper rolls.

The Jaunty Sale is going on right now, which is a sale just for guys. All offers are L$49, and many store participate. This is one of the outfits from 22769. The sale ends tomorrow, Jan. 22nd, so hurry and grab this deal before it goes full priced. Want the list of designers? Go to the official website HERE.

Lastly I had to throw something on my feet. These were one of my first shoe finds. I hope you enjoy them, as they work with almost anything.

Hair-Kin: Male Hair 1 (Instore Gift - L$0)
Eyes-Yuzuya: Grey Large (Instore Gift - L$0)
Skin-Mother Goose's: Jeremy Skin in Pimple (Lucky Board - L$0)
Bracelet-Duh!: Luu Leather Wrap Bracelet in Jade (Instore Gift - L$0)
All Clothing-22769: All Free except for Jaunty Sale Outfit(L$49)
Shoes-Maschienenwerk: Kicks in Black (Instore Gift - L$0)

Poses by Purple(Not Free)
Location: AM Radio's Wheat Fields


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